Let your fingers do the talking……

Uh-oh, numb fingers, usually don’t type when they are THIS numb but wow, just had to give it a try………yikes, it’s weird and a little painful. Ok, enough of this, now just typing with one finger….going to call it a day.

So, what’s up with this being so bad today??? Hoping for a better day tomorrow. I kind of want to type striking any key and let these fingers that have a mind of their own right now do the talkinggdjgfklld;vnlkadmldkfe,m oivcb ‘km elkv ocpgbemd fvZC?xm vzcvvmlsdnxc,.vjoiejedskl/,.xsweorjndlmsfv c,xl;vkije3iojm4egrksxcvm oerwep x.dkoen;jghodinvc.xxyoeslsla’dlalkdjflkf;sklvnocijeoivn.cxzzfdklvnx! Strangely that feels much better.


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