If Life gives you lemons……

We’ve all heard that saying, how to make the best of a bad situation, well today I heard a child trying to do just that. A Mom and her two daughters were shopping in the same aisle as I was and one of the girls asked their Mom what something was, the Mom responded, “That’s coal, it’s a lump of coal. It’s what Santa leaves for bad boys and girls, for kids that misbehave like you and your sister…. and, if you and your sister don’t start acting better you’re only getting coal for Christmas!” The child stood there quietly as if she was deeply contemplating what her Mother had just said and then she asked, “Mom, can you eat coal?”

I did my best to keep my laughter to myself because the Mom looked at me with a look of, “if you laugh, you’ll get coal too!” So I turned away from them and tried hard to remain quiet but just then the little girl walked over to me and said, “Hi.” I wanted to say, you are one awesome girl but I thought the Mom might hit me as she had just threatened to hit the other child, so I smiled and said hi back and left the aisle.

I started to think though about how we have all this stuff we tell children and this child basically said, hey, if coal is all I get then I’ll make do, I’ll make coal lemonade. So today sitting here strapped in I’m making traction lemonade and it’s not so bad.


2 thoughts on “If Life gives you lemons……

  1. I thought you might enjoy this. Today my daughter went to a nursing home with a group of highschool kids. They do this every year. They dance and sing etc… Two girls were singing this beautiful song the harmony was amazing. There was an elderly gentlman and upon hearing their voices raised his hands and looked up toward the ceiling. He was in a geri chair and was very confused. He was up where the kids were singing. Meanwhile a nurse goes over to an elderly woman who is sitting in a wheelchair listening. She was also very confused and was in a geri chair. The nurse moves her chair really fast and then grabs the elderly man’s wheelchair and parks it right by this lady. The lady looks at the man in the wheelchair ( I can’t describe the joy on her face) The man takes his hands and cups her face and looks at her with recognition. He then kisses her on the head and starts rubbing her arms. I heard a nurse say ” Oh, he wanted to be with his wife” Apparently they both have Alzheimers but for those couple of seconds they recognized each other and of course I started to cry. The kids started crying as well. Even a couple of drops of lemonade is sweet.

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