I didn’t get the memo

Oh my, yesterday I encountered some of the worst drivers and their cars on the road. It felt at one point maybe it was a joke, maybe everyone but me was sent a memo to try your best to hit other cars, drive erratically and sit stopped, talking on your cell phone at green lights.
Jeepers, creepers, one driver came so close to the back of my car I honestly thought he assumed he was at an amusement park and we were playing bumper cars! Wonder what was going on, it was beyond noticeable, it was kind of nuts. So I’m okay that I didn’t get the memo but it does leave me wondering why do people pull out in front of speeding cars and why do speeding cars speed up to make a near miss seem silly, rather, why not just plow into someone, why avoid an accident, let’s just cause one. Goodness, what a day for driving, thinking about taking the bus from here out.


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