There’s a new store that opened today in my neighborhood. It’s kind of funny how much people seem to enjoy checking out something new, like they’re going to find something exciting or different. I’m not sure why that is. It’s a chain store so to me that makes it all the more funny, you can drive about two miles down the road and find the identical store. Yet that doesn’t stop folks from pulling up in droves. I guess we like new, and we are a nosey bunch. I mean if we weren’t would there ever be a followup accident after the first because of gawking or rubbernecking. We just like to get a good look at things. Curiosity is a fine thing to have plenty of I guess, but noseyness is one of my greatest pet peeves. I ran into a woman yesterday that I haven’t seen in probably fifteen years. I would have never recognized her and I’m still not sure I remember any details of working with her but she fired off three rather personal questions within 30 seconds of saying hello. I just never dream of asking people anything other than how are you doing? I care how you are doing, I don’t care what you are doing or who you are doing it with unless you’d like to tell me or any anything else for that matter, otherwise it’s NONE of my business. I once stayed at a retreat house in Canada that had retreatants from all over the world. The one rule at meal time was you were not permitted to ask any questions of each other. I loved the place. It’s amazing what you can talk about when you can’t ask questions. You were free to volunteer any information you’d like, but no questions. The point was you came there to reflect and be alone, you only had to offer what you felt like offering. I’m not sure how my rambles led me here today but on this cold and first taste of winter kind of day I’m sitting here almost finished with traction and I think I have a case of the grumps cause my skin still feels itchy.

The music is coming to an end so that’s my cue that time’s up, it took me three tries to get strapped in today, my unfocused thoughts even led me to not being able to easily set up something as routine as traction. Thanks for helping me pass the time once again.


5 thoughts on “Titleless/Mindless

  1. I don’t think you got my first comment but if you did ignore this one. I know what you mean about people who ask a ton of questions when you see them. I think they want to be in control and are avoiding questions themselves, they are nervous or they are socially immature. I hope you get rid of the itchyness. Lately I have been listening to K-Love on the radio 104.3 fm (Christian music) it helps me get rid of the itchiness imposed by other people 🙂

  2. Marie – I hope that your itchies are disappearing by now!!! We must try the no question thing, I know I am always full of questions, just never thought of it from that direction, I’m going to try it. My mom was the prime questioner, but I think she just honestly really wanted to know people, she cared so much I have referred to her as a people collector. We would go to the hospital or anywhere and she knew everyone and would always ask them about their specific job, relative etc like she was family. They mostly all seemed to feel the same way. Must be in the genes. Good luck tomorrow!

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