Neck trac gets press

Just happened to catch a bit on Jay Leno last night about the ‘neck trac,’ it was included in a segment he does called “news headlines.” The photo Leno showed was an inexpensive model of the more sophisticated gizmo called Neck Trac but still supposedly achieves a similar result. It’s a portable, “on the go” traction verse the kind that I’m sitting here doing, which is ultimately “hanging” from a doorway.

From the photo he showed there’s about four or five rubber tubes around your neck and it comes with a pump that you squeeze to obtain the optimum pressure. When the audience laughed at how silly it looked it was validation that at times this whole neck traction thing is a bit ridiculous and if it didn’t work I’d be laughing too.

Jay introduced the “news” clipping by saying “this is what you can do when your neck is sore or stiff, which we’ve all felt.” True enough, but I really don’t think your average pains in the neck would find their solution in traction.

Anyway, it felt like a celebrity sighting.


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