Did you say full body scan? (In honor of Pixie;-)

I’ve been thinking about all the hoopla over the TSA’s full body scans. I wonder what they can actually see, I mean is it sort of like a free CT or MRI? You know if the TSA agents were medically trained as well you could save such time and money! Just have them pass you a note when you’re in the seated area putting your shoes back on, “might want to get that spine looked at, looks like L5 is slipping a little.” Really, how convenient is that! Once you’ve seen your films up on the big screen at the doctor’s office there’s nothing to be shy about, actually it’s always nice to have a second opinion.

I’ve always felt the technicians know if there’s a problem but aren’t allowed to tell you what they see as soon as they pop you in the oven to bake, kind of like when they are extra nice you start to think, wow, I must be glowing inside there. I’ve always been so fortunate with all my technicians, so professional and kind. (here’s a little shout out to a great tech, Linda)

Well, posts don’t get much sillier than this, but think about it, the full body scan isn’t so bad, not only are you making sure the dude next to you isn’t packing a lead pipe it’s another opportunity for a liberating medical experience to see if all your parts are where they’re supposed to be. What’s not to love about that?


8 thoughts on “Did you say full body scan? (In honor of Pixie;-)

  1. Hilarious! And if you refuse to get your ‘photograph” taken then you have the other even more appealing option of having them feel you up! I think that’s a prime opportunity to have then do a monthly breast exam…..checking for lumps on all my junk!
    I think you’re really on to something with this TSA/med tech combo thing. 🙂

  2. You are awesome, had me so laughing!!! I’m all for free medical advice, great idea! But you know, I so feel the same way exactly about the people doing the tests, I know they are just holding their breaths at what horror they see, but you can never get it out of them!

  3. I dare you to write to the local papers! Please !!!! I know they would post it and many people would get a good laugh. Think about it.

  4. funny and so true–love the idea of free scan for health purposes.

    I have a feeling the scanners find each body looking much alike after awhile–it is not a big deal to them, just their job.

    always enjoy reading your post.

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