Overloaded with good cheer.

I saw this Dad in the grocery store holding what appeared to be his four-year old daughter and at the same time he was trying to push a cart built for children which was stacked full of very real food. I just pictured her insistence at using that particular cart when they arrived at the store and he agreed, in addition to making her happy it would avoid any immediate hassle. Yet in reality five minutes into the shopping experience it was clear that cart size wasn’t cutting it. She had bailed on walking but he was still hanging in there with pushing the thing. Every so often he’d reach down from his tall frame to tap the cart, giving it a push so it would go gliding forward. He’d then take three paces to catch up with it before he had a chance to trip over it. It was all in the timing, his speed was impressive and as he listened intently to the little girl ramble on, you’d never guess he really could benefit from a bigger cart. He may have been overloaded but he was going with the flow. I think that’s a real skill, to just go with things when they aren’t necessarily easy, when there very well may be a better way, but you do it for the good, you do it because it makes someone else happy.

Maybe that’s what this time of the year is all about, putting ourselves out, going the extra mile for someone else’s happiness, maybe even for a stranger’s, all the better. It’s a very cool thing to see love in action. So as I’m doing my traction today I hope to bring you some good cheer and glad tidings with this post.


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