2010 with a slash thru it

It’s still that time into the new year when I write the date and realize it’s no longer the past year, remembering after the fact that this year I’m living in is no longer 2010. After I realize my error I have some options as to what to do. I usually just put a slash thru the old year or it’s easy enough this year to just try to write over the old number, just make a 0 into a 1, it’s trickier than making 09 into a 10. I’ll have to do this well into the new year and then weeks from now I’ll finally remember and accept that we are indeed living in 2011. Then some random time later, like March 14 or July 27th I’ll do it again and I won’t have the excuse of just having a few days into a new year under my belt. The older I get the more the days and weeks and years are blending together. But maybe it’s more than that, maybe I have trouble with change. I’m not sure it’s anything that deep or complicated, maybe I just don’t concentrate too well. Anyhoo, it’s a new year and I’m in traction and I’m working on two years into this gig. Some day maybe I’ll quit counting how long I’ve been at it and just truly accept that it is what it is and even though it’s a new year traction is coming along with me.

Well, nothing too exciting here but I’m hanging in and trying to remember what year it is……have a good one, no matter what year it is for you.


2 thoughts on “2010 with a slash thru it

  1. My biggest fear is being asked what year it is. I see comments written in pts. charts at the hospital regarding the fact that someone knows the day but not the year. SO WHAT! They really don’t care, they are in the hospital and want to get out. One time a pt. told me ” I don’t really care what day or year it is so I don’t always know but ask me what the stock market is doing! 🙂 I loved it.

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