Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

Did you ever catch your reflection in a mirror and not recognize yourself? I’ve had that experience before while shopping, I look up in the chrome of a clothing rack and think who’s that, only to realize seconds later that its me! My hair will have fallen differently than I wear it or my face has a look I’m not used to seeing on myself and then I’m surprised at the image I see reflecting back. Today I saw a quick glimpse of my head reflecting in the screen on the computer, I’ve not seen myself in traction and I was a bit taken aback at how odd it looks. My face had a rather blank look and my hair is pushed back with the straps of the gizmo wrapped around. I looked like a person in an advertisement for a neck traction device, very serious, very official. That strikes me funny because that doesn’t feel like me at all, but maybe on some level I take this traction business very seriously. I guess the fact that I’m sticking with it indicates that I have some level of commitment to it and I know that without it I’d probably not be able to type this. So recognize me or not I’m sitting here looking back.


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