Something fishy

You might have noticed things look a little different around “Thoughts in Traction” these days……I’ve changed the format just a bit…..I like the fish swimming around in the background…..(my favorite part of the Dentist office experience is the aquarium, watching those fish swim around is relaxing despite the sound of the drill flowing from the back room.) Maybe I should think about installing an aquarium next to where I sit here to do traction, watch the fish swim while I’m hanging here……..well, that doesn’t sound relaxing but you get my point, I hope.

My two great nieces each have a fish and one day things were a little too quiet and sure enough a little hand up to its elbow was deep in the bowl trying to “see” the fish up close. Can’t say that I blame her, I always want a closer look, but not too close, I now have a shellfish allergy…….sounds too funny, except when it’s happening to you……all these years of living, eating clams and shrimp and now I have nearly bought the farm three times eating something too fishy…….life is crazy…… I’ll be sticking to my little fish in this blog, they are calming and they don’t stop my breathing, so win, win!


Durante and Adele make it better

It’s not such a bad day sitting in traction when you get to start out listening to Jimmy Durante’s, Make Someone Happy and end up with Adele’s, Someone Like You, with a bit of everything else in between.
I’ve mentioned before how I have a string of songs on my playlist that are timed just perfectly to coincide how long I have to sit here. Some days life is as easy as pressing a button, closing my eyes and listening, other days not so much. Don’t ever underestimate the power of music and what it can do for you. Here’s hoping you can just hit play today and make it all go a lot easier.

Molder, and I don’t mean as in Scully and Mulder……

I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle, haven’t done one in a long time. It’s good practice for my hands. When I was a child I enjoyed them and often received one every year for Christmas. My siblings used to tease me that I “molded” the pieces to fit. I always disagreed but I found myself last night trying extra hard, “molding” a piece to see if it would work where I needed it to, I guess old habits die-hard. Puzzles are one of those things that when you don’t do them or think you are beyond interested in them have the power to pull you in. Everyone that passes by a puzzle on the table has a comment or a suggestion. It’s fun to see someone with initial disinterest so pleased with themselves as they immediately find a fit and walk away. They are simple things that are good for many things. I find that when I’m working on one I’m either immersed in only thoughts of the puzzle or my mind is relaxed and wandering as it often does here in traction or I’m single-handedly solving some of life’s big problems! Puzzles have power and I like them. They seem old-fashioned and dated and I like that about them too. They are easy-going and stress free and good for fingers that sometimes are numb. I may be a “molder” from way back but that’s how I roll in the puzzle world.